Track List

Severed Heads - Lamborghini (Petrol 1982)

Marco Bernardi - The Light Beside the Hall

Object Blue - Even In You

N.Y House'n Authority - APT. 2B

Computer Says No - Grab And Reform

Mount Kimbie - Southgate (DJ-Kicks Exclusive)

Aleksi Perälä - UK74R1512110

Via App - Chatter

Taz & Meeks - Obviously

Mount Kimbie - DJ-Kicks (2xLP)
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Record Label: !K7

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Release Date: 9/28/18
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Mount Kimbie take the reigns of the DJ-kicks series with a 23 track mix that includes one of their own new exclusives. Due for release on 28th September, it's a snapshot of exactly what the UK duo sound like in the club right now and is accompanied by a DJ-kicks tour that takes the pair to DJ and live dates all round the world.