Track List

Pounds of Pressure(Alex "Apex" Gale & Taylormade Sounds of Dujeous)

The Abyss (prod. Alex "Apex" Gale)

Everyday We Pray (prod. Taylor "Made" Rivelli)

Let Go (feat. Selina Carrera) (prod. Caliph-NOW)

A Better Day (feat. Erica Dee) (prod. SlopFunkDust)

Whizdom (feat. Blacastan) (prod. Edan)

Mission Accomplished (feat. The Perceptionists) (prod. Fakts One)

World Renown (feat. Del The Funky Homosapien) (prod. Pas Doo)

iLL (prod. Synthetic Nation Music)

Don't Look Down (prod. Synthetic Nation Music)

Mr. Lif - Don't Look Down (CD)
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Record Label: Mello Music Group

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"Welcome to "Don't Look Down". This album is my ode to the ebbs and flows of life. It's ultimate credo is to keep your head up in the toughest of times. This collection of songs in its own way asks us repeatedly if we can stand up after being knocked down. With music born from my own successes, failures, and hard learned lessons, this poetry is woven as a cloak to conceal & nurture me when times are tough and as a consistent and reliable conduit to bliss in my attempts to live life vividly.

Thematically, the album begins by following the main character through a harrowing set of circumstances (Pounds of Pressure and The Abyss). Due to the emotionally jarring nature of what occurs in tracks 1 & 2, the protagonist falls into a state of depression on track 3 (Everyday We Pray). By the end of "Everyday We Pray", optimism starts to seep back into the protagonist's outlook and the song "Let Go" represents just that. He is letting go of the challenging situations that have caused him despair.

"A Better Day" is perhaps the height of his optimism shone through a lens of clarity & realism. "Whizdom", "Mission Accomplished", & "World Renown" represent ways in which I dive deep into poetry in order to create my own world and provide myself a respite from the ills of society . "iLL" is a turning point in which vulnerabilities creep back toward my surface. A deeply reflective state sets in, and I am left to ponder the ways of the world as I wish for something more. The closing track, "Don't Look Down" continues this reflective & humbled state, yet hauntingly echoes our mantra of resilience.

I hope this album finds a place in your life as it is truly me sharing some important pieces of mine...

-Mr. Lif