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MSXII Sound Design - Soulful Stems 3 (LP - White Vinyl + Download Card)
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Record Label: MSX Sound Design

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MSXII Sound Design is pleased to present the 3 peat for the famed Soulful Stems collection!  Nothing short of inspiring, this volume is extremely special.   As always, the SS3 collection features the silky, smooth texture of sounds inspired by the late 60s & 70s.  Mixed ever-so-carefully to allow the instruments true colors shine.  Experience analog synthesizers, organs, Fender Rhodes, live bass, horns, and more played by veteran musicians from across the country.  We've used vintage analog recording and mixing techniques to round out the sound for a warm, authentic character that is sure to give your production the right "feel."  The collection is meant for sampling--royalty-free, guaranteeing the end user master clearance.  Analog. Neve. Warm colors and Textures.  Vintage.  These are just a few of the adjectives that can best describe The Soulful Stems 3.