Track List


Apocalypse Please

Time Is Running Out

Sing for Absolution

Stockholm Syndrome

Falling Away with You




Butterflies and Hurricanes

Small Print


Thoughts of a Dying Atheist

Ruled by Secrecy

Muse - Absolution (2xLP)
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Record Label: Warner Brothers

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With Absolution, Muse continued to expand on their unique rock sound with complex guitars, transition-laden rock anthems and melodic harmonics. Muse also switched gears here with new producer Rich Costey, creating a smoother more polished sound. The album has plenty of punch to satisy their hard core fans, while the musicianship of Absolution garnered critical praise and a new legion of fans who couldn't get enough of the powerful anthemic rock and the mind-blowing live shows the band has become known for. Two regular weight black vinyl discs in gatefold jacket with 2 inserts produced and pressed at Pirates Press.