Track List

Live Intro [1989]

Arrested [Insert]

Gangsta Gangsta

Fuck tha Police [Insert]

Fuck tha Police

Compton's in the House [Live]

Straight Outta Compton [Extended Mix]

If It Ain't Ruff

Real Niggaz

I Ain't Tha 1

Alwayz into Somethin'

Don't Drink That Wine

Just Don't Bite It

Cash Money [Insert]

Express Yourself [Remix]

100 Miles and Runnin'

A Bitch Iz a Bitch

Real Niggaz Don't Die

Chin Check [*]

Hello [*]

N.W.A. - Greatest Hits (2xLP)
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Record Label: Priority

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You can't accuse N.W.A. of being subtle. The original gansta-rap group was unabashedly angry, with controversial songs that reflected the troubled streets from which it came. N.W.A.'s unpleasant style touched a nerve; critics called it offensive at least, dangerous at worst. But to simply dismiss N.W.A. as a group of violent, misogynist troublemakers is to completely miss the point. N.W.A. made an indelible mark on the world of rap music with its funk-infused, slow-grind style of rap (created by producers Dr. Dre and Yella) and its frank depiction of life in the inner city. Ice Cube's sublime lyrical timing and delivery complemented MC Ren's self-assured, off-tempo rhyming and Easy E's straightforward style. N.W.A. launched the gansta-rap genre, not to mention the careers of several major rap stars, while exercising (and defending) its rights of self-expression.GREATEST HITS includes such rap classics as "F*** Tha Police" and "Gangsta Gangsta" along with a few previously-unreleased mixes and 12-inch tracks, all proof of N.W.A.'s considerable impact on both pop music and pop culture.