Necro - Sadist Hitz (2xLP)


15 of the best Necro tracks plus 4 remixes and a brand new track.

Necro has been releasing records on his own label, Psycho+Logical-Records for over 12 years and recognized as an underground hiphop legend and pioneer in hardcore hiphop inventing his own style, "Death Rap" - one of The Godfathers of the New York City underground rap scene started in the early '90's.

Who's Ya Daddy?

Your Fu*&#n' Head Split

I Need Drugs

Dead Body Disposal

Poetry In The Streets

Beautiful Music For You To Die To


Murder Ya Life

Creepy Crawl

Bury You With Satan

Get On Ya Knees

Our Life

Push It To The Limit

The Most Sadistic

No Remorse

16. Pop Ya Head Off (Bonus Track)

Creepy Crawl (HS Remix Bonus Track)

Asbestos (KK Remix Bonus Track)

Thin Line Between Love & Hate (Original IML Mix Bonus Track)

You Ho (Original JM Mix Bonus Track)