NERD - In Search Of...: Deluxe Edition (4xLP)

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Release Date: 12/13/19

In Search of... is the debut studio album of the group N.E.R.D. The group originally released the album on August 6, 2001 in Europe, the original version of In Search of... juxtaposes hip hop and rock influences and styles. The album is named after the TV series In Search of..., hosted by Leonard Nimoy. The 2001 version of In Search of..., also known as the “electronic version”, features prominent digital-based production, including drum machines and synthesizers, as the backing tracks.


Things Are Getting Better



Truth Or Dare

Tape You

Run To The Sun

Baby Doll

Am I High


Bobby James

Stay Together

Lapdance (Electronic Version)

Intro (Electronic Version)

Things Are Getting Better (Electronic Version)

Brain (Electronic Version)

Provider (Electronic Version)

Truth Or Dare (Electronic Version)

Tape You (Electronic Version)

Run To The Sun (Electronic Version)

Baby Doll (Electronic Version)

Am I High (Electronic Version)

Rockstar (Electronic Version)

Bobby James (Electronic Version)

Stay Together (Electronic Version)