Track List

Boris Gardiner - Every Nigger Is a Star

Little's Theme

Ride Home

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Vesperae Solennes de Confessore in C Major, K. 339: V. Laudate Dominum

The Middle of the World

The Spot


Chiron's Theme

Metrorail Closing

Chiron's Theme Chopped & Screwed (Knock Down Stay Down)

You Don't Even Know

Don't Look at Me

Goodie Mob - Cell Therapy

Atlanta Ain't But So Big

Sweet Dreams

Chef's Special

Hello Stranger

Black's Theme

Who Is You?

End Credits Suite

The Culmination [Bonus Track]

Nicholas Britell - Moonlight: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (LP - Blue Vinyl)
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Record Label: Lakeshore Records

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Nicholas Britell’s score for the lovely Moonlight is every bit as gorgeous and affecting as the film. Plaintive, aching strings anchor many of Brittel’s sensitive, intelligent compositions including “Little’s Theme” and “Chiron’s Theme.” There’s even a chopped and screwed version of the latter track — the reworking gives the song an interesting depth, but you won’t initially think “chopped and screwed” when you hear it. Tracks by Goodie Mob, Boris Gardiner, and Barbara Lewis are welcome contributions, bringing added texture and life to the mix. The soundtrack conjures memories and emotions familiar to viewers of the film, but even those who haven’t seen the picture will enjoy Britell’s incredible orchestral works.