Track List

Nothing but Scenery

Was That a Sign

You Now

Kiss the Screen

Over the Weekend

Boo Hoo

I Mean It

Running Out Of Time

All My Life

Nite Jewel - Liquid Cool (LP)
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Record Label: Gloriette Records

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Internationally lauded Chillwave originator and indie darling Nite Jewel returns with her first album in four years after her critically acclaimed album One Second Of Love. Performed and produced entirely on her own, the album is intimate yet danceable, DIY yet radio ready. Imagine if Janet Jackson was produced by Kraftwerk. Liquid Cool is out June 10th via Gloriette records, Nite Jewel's own imprint upon which she release her debut. Debut single, Boo Hoo, already see 75K streams on Soundcloud alone. Free from the constraints of corporate backin, the new album is poised to cut through the din of 2016 and move listeners in incisive and deeply personal ways.