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El Camino

Wize Interlude Feat. Otherwize

Bodies Feat. Ghetts

Mykraphone Myk

Say Yes

Esless Feat. Slug

Villain Feat. Troop

Sick Feat. Aceylone & Tru

Sus Lord (oooh)

Nocando - Severed (Cassette)
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Record Label: Dome Of Doom

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“I made ‘Severed’ at a time when my relationship with my wife — my high school sweetheart and the mother of my three children — was coming to an end,” Nocando explained in a press release. “This was right around the time the rap crew side of my record label Hellfyre Club began to disband and when I split from my business partners at Low End Theory of more than a decade. Plus, I was broke as fuck. The songs on ‘Severed’ are more personal, more vulnerable than anything I’d made before. The battle rap braggadocio that I held dear for so many years melted away. Every piece of my personal life was ripped apart and rearranged. I had no choice but to rebuild from the ground up.” -Nocando

Overall, Severed is a record about one man losing hope in everything and everyone, including himself, and also serves as one of Nocando’s most powerful albums to date.