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Odd Nosdam - Trish (LP)
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Record Label: Sonic Cathedral

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Having cut his teeth producing warped and bombastic beats as a member of cLOUDDEAD, David P. Madson aka Odd Nosdam has since gone on to record and release some of the most revered work in the post-millennial abstract hip-hop world. Through his solo productions, various collaborations, and remixes for the likes of Boards of Canada, the Anticon Records cofounder has traced an indelible strain of super-saturated, no-fi weirdness located at the intersection of British IDM, West Coast hip-hop, and ethereal drone.

Trish first saw the light of day in late 2013 as a cassette-only release on the Chicago-based Baro label, now long sold-out; a digital release followed on Odd Nosdam's own Burnco label. Trish is a subtle homage to the late Broadcast singer Trish Keenan (1968- 2011) created from the haunted remains of a failed follow-up to Odd Nosdam's 2007 Level Live Wires album. This long-overdue vinyl reissue marks the 2016 fifth anniversary of Keenan's tragic death from pneumonia in January 2011. Across the work's six tracks, Odd Nosdam harnesses the aural mystery of a sample-based approach with an emphasis on cassette manipulation and distortion.

Overall, Trish lingers and drifts through a shimmering fog of high-register sonics with introspectively tonal movements. While Odd Nosdam's sound may intersect with Broadcast's at times, his approach on Trish is distinctly his own -- a unique blend of emotive ambiguity and lush, wandering vacancy. Featuring guest appearances from Bre'r and Liz Harris (Grouper), Trish is as dense as it is reflective.