Track List




Gets Mine

To Be An MC

Keep Tryin'

Know Better

Second Chance

Low Coastin'


No Aire

Smile A Little Bit

Keep It Lit

T. Biggums

In This

Lights Out

Coffee Cold

Oh No - The Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms Instrumentals (LP)
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Record Label: Stones Throw

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"The basic conceit of Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms, that hip-hop producer Oh No sampled exclusively from the catalogue of composer Galt MacDermot, is a clever one. Oh No, aka Mike Jackson aka Madlib's little brother, getting permission to raid the archives of a jazz/funk cult hero is a big deal and a smart sales strategy -- a sort of Willy Wonka for crate diggers. But Exodus is more than a gimmick, because, as strange as it might sound, Oh No and his main source MacDermot seem to share a genuine rapport. Oh No gracefully layers these compositions the way MacDermont did with his own, fusing inspirations with the same wide-eyed gusto and ending up with the same kind of buoyant and elegant songs. The resulting record is a few things: exceptionally cohesive, revelatory, smart as hell, and livelier than any other hip-hop record this year."- Pitchfork