Track List

Rawhyde Theme

Billy Kid


Hyde Park

Raw Life



The Block

Black Wizards

Outlaw Theme

Purple Moonshine - Part 1

Purple Moonshine - Part 2

Poor Man's Gold

Get Off The Horse

RawHyde Outro

Oliver The 2nd x Jeremiah Jae - Rawhyde (LP - Black Vinyl)
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Record Label: Vinyl Digital/Hit+Run

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From the Dark Corners of L.A. this grimey Collabo-Record with HIT+RUN of Brainfeeder Signing Jeremiah Jae & Oliver The 2nd reached our eardrums. Reflecting the endless broiling desert this LP shifts you onto a stoney trip across Western flavored Samples. An Experimental broken beat carpet filled up with Jae's & Oliver's street tales! If you loved or missed Captain Murphy's (Flying Lotus) masterpiece, this one is your inevitable choice! Jeremiah Jae just signed to legendary Warp Records and everyone should be excited to listen more from him, Oliver & the Black Jungle Squad!