Track List

Back Seat Ridin' (f. Black Bumple Bee)

Point of View

Stoned Temple Pilot

Tu Sabes (f. Lan)

808 State of Mind


Tesla Coil

Dirt Nap

Loki Drop (f. Black Bumple Bee and Lan)

Hocus Pocus

Psych Ward


Planet Zod

Opio x Free The Robots - Sempervirens (CD)
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Record Label: Pinky Up Records

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Upon being introduced to Free The Robots’ music while on tour for Souls of Mischief, Opio gravitated towards FTR’s bass-heavy vibe and added his catalogue to his daily music rotation. While reading up on FTR, Opio learned that he not only is he a beatmaker but a food maker as well and when the tour roared through his hometown of Santa Ana, Opio made a point of having dinner at FTR’s restaurant, The Crosby. While at dinner with his tour-mates, producer and composer Adrian Younge and Souls of Mischief-mate, Phesto, Opio and Free The Robots got a chance to know one another. As is turns out, a lot of Free The Robots’ hip hop background had been greatly influenced by Opio, and Opio, wanting to take his solo work in a more futuristic progressive direction, found inspiration in FTR. They immediately clicked. By the end of dinner, they had plans to make a record.

Recorded predominately in a small town in the middle of a redwood grove called Cazadero,Sempervirens is a product of the duo’s time spent along the verdant Northern California coastline. “This time spent away from the chaotic concrete jungles we both live in recharged our batteries and set the stage to create art off of the renewed energy from our inspiring journey,” explains Opio. “I feel like we are both going through a re-birth,” adds Free the Robots, “and with that, we both have been able to create with no expectations; just open minds” Splitting their time between Cazadero and the Sonoma and Mendocino County coasts while deep in the recording process proved to be a fertile creative landscape to shape the album. The title, Sempervirens, comes from the ‘Sequoia Sempervirens,’ which is the scientific name for the giant redwood tree. The term ‘sempervirens’ also means “always living.”