Other Mirror - More Alive (Digital Single)


RELEASE DATE 03/05/2021


The band was formed in 2018 between long time friends Jonny Cuba (Soundsci Producer) and James Tilley (multi-instrumentalist). The 3 had talked for many years about starting a project together and after many years of pursuing their own creative endeavors, the school friends found themselves reunited and creating music. Although the Self Titled LP is Other Mirror’s band debut, they’re far from newcomers. Jonny has been an active musician since the late 90s, with other collaborative highlights including The Herbaliser, Mike James Kirkland, and production for legendary British Library labels KPM, Bruton, and Cavendish. James has had multiple releases with his first band, Fabric, from the early, to late 90s, and has collaborations with DJ Food, and recording sessions with John Peel. Their good friend, vocalist, and bass player Amelie Chevalier rounds out the trio. Amelie has also been active since the late 90s as an accomplished vocal coach, dancer, and choreographer with various session work, including live shows at Glastonbury Festival, and Bestival. Her band, Beautiful Noise, have been together since 2009. Each member offers a dynamic to their style, fitting for the eclectic sound throughout the band’s debut album.