Vinyl Tapes

P-Original - Regeneration (LP - 180 Gram Vinyl)

Veteran underground hip-hop producer from New Jersey, P-Original, best known for his work with El Da Sensei (of The Artifacts), Beneficence, Pacewon, and Dr. Becket drops a brand new LP of blazing instrumentals. Earthy, warm beats from the MPC and classic SP1200, emblematic of the award winning cover design by illustrator Brad Yeo featured in Creative Arts CA that lean on the Jazz and Soul side. A beautiful pressing on 180 gram vinyl limited to a small run of 300 copies.

Re: Birth

Perc One

Dave's Axe


Sai Fon

Pat's Conscious


See Thru

Joe's Tune

Pretty Funky

Dollar Jones

Dope Man

Brain Rhythm


Cool Cat

Jack's Sax

Perc Two


Lil' Teo

And I

Cal's Vibe