Track List

Four Quarters

Children Sing

The Eye Of A Needle

I Need Money

Let A Shot Go

Who I Am

Hip Hop


So Straight

Won On Won

PaceWon & Mr. Green - The Only Color That Matters Is Green (LP)
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Record Label: Green Music Group

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On vinyl for the first time ever and with a special one of a kind hand drawn cover by the legendary Cornbread, the first modern graffiti artist.

"It has been a while since I’ve heard an album this easy to listen to. The Only Color That Matters Is Green is really the Pacewon album we’ve been waiting on for close to a decade. It’s fun, it’s basic, it just is what it is. No worrying about if it’s made for gangsters, hipsters, backpackers or whatever – this album’s remarkable production and almost infallible focus takes two outsiders, and puts them in the epicenter of Hip Hop’s best releases..." -Hiphopdx