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Pearla - Quilting & Other Activities (12")

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"This collection of songs is about attachment, illusion, and acceptance. It is my attempt to take pieces from my past and use them kind of like patches of a quilt; weaving them together as an activity meant for distraction, but also for comfort and healing, and eventually, a transformation into something bigger than the sum of the parts. I imagined once it was done it could exist autonomously, and lift the weight from the lingering effects of the past. This exploration surrounds an ending relationship, the death of a loved one and a general feeling of disillusionment. Writing each song allowed me to accept myself and my emotions as valid; and recognize that pain is just as beautiful and important as the good stuff. It's a catalog of me, maybe messily, trying to figure out how to deal with certain new and overwhelming emotions, and learning how to be okay with letting things go." - Pearla


Forgive Yourself


Pear Shaped World


Washing Machine