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Poldoore - Nothing Left To Say (CD)

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‘Nothing left to say’ is Poldoore’s new release on Cold Busted, accompanied by remixes from labelmates, full of funk, electro and future beat sounds. The tracks include samples from a psychedelic folk song called ‘What The Young Minds Say’ by the late sixties band The Art Of Lovin’. Belgium-based DJ and producer Poldoore proves again to be a true genre blender. This instrumental track starts off with a smooth chilled guitar accompanied by a walking bass, followed by punchy drums and a mean, wobbling bass. After a vocal break the song keeps evolving with different rhythms until it manifests into drum and bass. Poldoore’s own remix of the track is more relaxed and leaves out some of the rougher parts of the original song. This release also includes a radio friendly version plus remixes by Bobby C Sound TV, Akshin Alizadeh and Sixfingerz. Bobby C Sound TV’s remix is by far the most energetic version of the track. The song is driven by a heavy electro bass and compressed drums. You can find an instrumental version on this release as well. The remix made by Akshin Alizadeh also goes in the direction of electro with alien like synth sounds that seem to be having a conversation with each other. Sixfingerz managed to create a complete different vibe with his remix. The track is filled with heavy, stomping drums made of a deep kick, snappy snare and fresh field recording sounds. The sound effects and short breaks create a complex rhythm and keep this track highly interesting.

Nothing Left To Say (Bobby C Sound TV Remix)

Nothing Left To Say (Original)

Nothing Left To Say (Akshin Alizadeh Glitch Funk Remix)

Nothing Left To Say (Sixfingerz Hump-Drum Remix)