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Powell - Sport (2xLP + CD)
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Record Label: XL Recordings

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1983 – Oscar Powell is born.
1999 – He attends his first Renegade Hardware night at The End, London.
2001 – He obtains a cracked copy of Cubase4 and starts making music.
2010 - The artist Regis (“one of the more highly regarded creative forces within the British techno/electronic scene” - RA) encourages Powell to release his own music.
2011 – Powell founds influential UK label Diagonal and releases his first record. Makes every sleeve by hand. Cuts fingers.
2012 - Body Music is named EP of the Year on
2014 – Powell releases Club Music EP and 11-14, a 2CD anthology compilation. Named Man of the Year on
2015 – Diagonal is on 10 Best Records Labels of 2015 by FACT magazine. Powell also releases two singles on XL Recordings, “Sylvester Stallone” and “Insomniac.” The latter samples Big Black, which spawns a correspondence with Steve Albini that is turned into a billboard and music video, and quickly breaks the internet.
2016 – Powell announces his debut full length album Sport on XL Recordings, to be released October 14. Touring to commence late summer / early fall and continue into the exciting and unforeseeable future.

Sport is music for both the mind and the body. Sure, it’s physical and you can dance to it, but Powell wants to drag people’s brains along for the ride too.