Warp Records

Prefuse 73 - Preparations (2xLP + Download Card + Bonus CD: Interregnums)


By focusing on the foundation of his creative process and less on the intricacies of his trademark editing and chopping magic, he's emerged with an album that will give fans a subtle taste of every Prefuse 73 record that has come before and will give the haters a deserved shake-up. You don't have to forget everyting you've learned about Prefuse 73 because Preparations is just going to teach you some new things. With records this steadfastly solid in such short supply these days, Preparations seems supremely needed right now. Prefuse 73 says more with an MPC than most artists can on the microphone; listen up.

From The East Intro

Beaten Thursdays

Aborted Hugs

The Class Of 73 Bells

Girlfriend Boyfriend

Smoking Red

Prog Version Slowly Crushed

Noreaster Cheer

Let It Ring

17 Seconds Interlude

I Knew You Were Gonna Go

Pomade Suite Version One

Spaced + Dissonant

Preparation Outro Version

For Her Non-Place

Preparation One

Thorough Light

Spacious And Dissonant Part 2


Preparation Two

Over Ensembles

The Last


Humidity Interlude

The Ground We Lift

Preparation Three

Let It Ring Ensembles

Out We Will Go

Prepared As It Was