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Prince Paul - Psychoanalysis (What Is It?) (2xLP)

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Available for the first time on vinyl in 15 years, Get On Down presents "Psychoanalysis: What Is It?" - the first, full-length solo project from the critically acclaimed producer famous for his work with Gravediggaz and De La Soul.

"Psychoanalysis" puts the listener in the room with Prince Paul and his psychiatrist, a concept album which delves into the oft-psychotic and mutli-faceted layers of his psyche. Each song on this album relates to different forms of mental conditions, such as schizophrenia, hypothalamus, escapism and various manias. The production of each track on this album plays highly experimental and avant-garde; closely aligning with the mental disorders from which they are inspired. Prince Paul truly pushed the envelope with Psychoanalysis and admittedly was taken aback by the stream of positive reviews that accompanied it's original release in 1996. While many were accustomed to his creative fluctuations between darker work with the Gravediggaz and more famously his lighthearted and influential pairings with De La Soul, Psychoanalysis proved that Paul could successfully combine his multiple personalities into one cohesive landscape.

Get On Down is proud to present Prince Paul's Psychoanalysis on vinyl with an accompanying reproduction of the original promotional poster. The album was remastered from the original audio tapes and has been perfected to the highest standard of quality that defines every Get On Down release.

Why Must You Hate Me?

Beautiful Night Manic Psychopath

Open Your Mouth Hypothalamus

Introduction To Psychoanalysis Schizophrenia

You Made Me AKC

Vexual Healing Vacillation

To Get A Gun

JOB Das What Dey Is!

The World's A Stage A Dramady

Booty Clap

Drinks Escapism


In Your Mind Altered States

2 B Blunt A True Story

Psycho Linguistics Convergent Thought

That's Entertainment Aversive Conditioning

Outroduction To Diagnosis Psychosis

Beautiful Night Automator Remix