Track List

Minor Fly Intro

Feel Me Remix

Any Other Place

Dark Gracious

BBQ & A Flic

Aloe In The Hallways



Just Talk


Pseudo Slang - Hardscrabble (LP)
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Record Label: BSHH

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Hardscrabble is beautifully pressed on classic 12" Vinyl, featuring Full-Color Labels and Jackets, holding 30+ minutes of full Pseudo Slang sound. 

Jazz-oriented hip hop duo PSEUDO SLANG is back at it with a 'mid-length' record. "HARDSCRABBLE" is an excursion from their refined & polished jazzy sound into this uncharacteristically whimsical & spontaneous sidewinder. Production by PAWCUT, RAWHEAD, BEPPO S, PHIL CHRONICS & JAH CONNERY.