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Psychic Graveyard - Mouths EP (Digital)

While unraveling in quarantine, Psychic Graveyard decided to write some songs as a way to soothe their dissonant psyches. Because the band were all in isolation they had limited access to equipment. To construct these songs they relied on a Moog Rogue, field recordings, Roland TR-808 drum machine, and some old recorded drum beats and guitar lines that had never made it on to an album.

The lyrics for MOUTHS, all speak to the feelings of isolation and disconnectedness the quarantine was bringing-out in the band members. Some of the other themes highlight the strange reactions Americans were having to the pandemic and also the ugliness of its system.

Similar to their first album, Loud As Laughter, the parts for the songs were emailed back and forth between members (who all live in different cities). Then the final arrangements and tracks were sent to Seth Manchester at Machines With Magnets in Pawtucket, RI who mixed the EP. The artwork was created by Nathan Joyner. Music by Psychic Graveyard. Lyrics by Eric Paul.