Track List

Midnight Moon

Mind Daze

Incense Head

Mexican Wedding

That’s Alright

Ring Finger

Travelin’ Man


Dream Repetition

I’ll Follow You Through the Floor

Same Old Song

Psychic Ills - Hazed Dream (LP - Desert Sunset Vinyl)
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Record Label: Sacred Bones Records

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Pressed on Desert Sunset Vinyl exclusively for the 10th Anniversary of Sacred Bones Records. Limited edition of 300.

Sacred Bones Records is proud to present Hazed Dream, the new long-player from fellow New Yorkers, Psychic Ills. Since their formation in 2003 as a home-recording experiment, the Ills have evolved into a live band, in their element playing the extended jam. Musically, it also marks a departure from some of the band’s more recent sonic explorations. The raga rumbles and synthesizer space-outs aren’t gone all together; the singular blasted musical perspective of the Ills remains. Fans new and old will find it totally dreamy.

Tres Warren, 4th of July, 2011:
Some developments in our lives led to new approaches. The music came out the old fashioned way…a way that had been avoided for a while. It was about putting some words to some chords and keeping it simple. Getting back to something. Feeling a feeling. Shaking out the NY brain boil. Movin’ away from some old bad vibes, by creating some new good ones. Dreaming out the bad. Takin’ it easy on ourselves, and those around us. This album lives in a sunny place. A half memory. A hazed dream.

“Faced with a deluge of groove-based psych, many listeners failed to notice Psychic Ills peculiar idiosyncrasy, and they got subsumed. Now that all is quiet, or quieter, on the kaleidoscopic rock front, it’s easier to hear the radical economy that sets them apart. While most freaked-out churners give in to the temptation to throw everything into the cauldron and boil, Psychic Ills cherry-pick their ingredients and slow roast till golden... a mirror in a desert gently turning in the breeze” – The Wire