Track List

Open The BrainOpen The Brain

Superlative HighSuperlative High

Junkyard DogsJunkyard Dogs

It's You and IIt's You and I


Pencil, Pen, PaperPencil, Pen, Paper

A Fear of The DarkA Fear of The Dark

Peace and PainPeace and Pain

Desire To BeDesire To Be

Red ButtonsRed Buttons


I’m The Bridge You Must BurnI’m The Bridge You Must Burn


Midnight Double FeatureMidnight Double Feature

The Living (for The Broken Brain)The Living (for The Broken Brain)

Quelle Chris - Lullabies For The Broken Brain (LP - Black/White Marbled Vinyl)
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Record Label: Mello Music Group

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Lullabies For The Broken Brain is a some odd track instrumental project from Detroit producer Quelle Chris (Danny Brown. Sean P, Stacey Adams). While most have come to know Quelle's production for its oinky doink, ear gagging, smooth jazz, Lullabies reveals another aspect of his wizardry. This high flying, jello instrumental album is ideal on an armageddon evening, or as a snack of the day. Each track is dormant and juicy. Lullabies is an infinite instrumental ride, a backdrop for deception.

For some, lullabies come to mind when fondling the planets while being lost in space. Formed in different dreams, daydreams, and hallucinations, set low in the earth or hanging high at the Alamo, lullabies seem to stir up a sort of distress that we all need at times. This project is an amalgamation of beats put together to do something. Whether to reflect on a certain animal within, or to accompany heavy drugs, Lullabies puts forth farts to provoke blah blah.