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Quickie Mart, Tony Skratchere & DJ Yamin - NOLA Bounce Breaks Vol. 2 (LP)

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Tell ya mom ’n’ em! Quickie Mart, Tony Skratchere and DJ Yamin are back for another installment in the NOLA Bounce Breaks series. Volume 2 gives you even more New Orleans style break beats and samples for you to get busy with! Also includes skipless vocal phrases from Bounce artists like Katey Red, Hasizzle and Keno. Make sure you grab doubles and get ready to let the good times roll…

NOLA Breaktionary Pt. 1

Skipless One

Skipless Two

Triggerman Redeux

Skipless Three

Skipless Four

Girls Steady Jockin’ Ft. Keno

Melpomene Ft. Katey Red

NOLA Breaktionary Pt. 2

Skipless Five

Skipless Six

Roll Call 2020

Skipless Seven

Skipless Eight

BJ So Cole Is Seaux Cold

Uptown Pt. 2 Ft. Hasizzle, Keedy Black, JC Styles, & Katey Red