Track List

Passed Over Trail

The Last Foundry

Soil And Colts

Exist In The Repeat Of Practice

The Walker In Blast And Bottle

Your Cast Will Tire

The Dimming Of Road And Rights

Raime - Quarter Turns Over A Living Line (2xLP)
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Record Label: Blackest Ever Black

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Quarter Turns Over A Living Line is the debut album by Raime. It follows the duo's self-titled 2010 EP and two subsequent 12" singles, 'If Anywhere was here we would know where we are' and 'Hennail'.

Moving away from the sample-based strategies that characterised their early work, Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead have looked increasingly to live instrumentation for their first full-length, mounting intensive recording sessions for percussion, guitar and strings before painstakingly piecing the album together at their home studio. The gothic and industrial signifiers in their music remain, but more submerged and oblique than ever - no more pronounced as influences than jungle's rhythmic dynamism and doom metal's oppressive weight, or aspects of techno, modern composition and dub.

The cover art is derived from an original photograph by William Oliver, produced in collaboration with Raime and featuring dancer Rosie Terry.