Redefinition Records

Raw Poetic & Kev Brown - Concentrated Maneuvers (LP - Limited to 500)


Between Kev Brown's lo-fi acoustic grooves and Raw Poetic's high-speed rhymes, there is a synergy being realised. Come summer, the two will release their collaborative LP Concentrated Maneuvers on Redefinition Records.

Concentrated Maneuvers is a concise collaboration between the legendary underground producer, Kev Brown (De La Soul, Busta Rhymes, Minds One, Diamond District) and the ever adaptable MC, Raw Poetic (member of Panacea, RPM and frequent collaborator of Damu The Fudgemunk & K-Def). The album is presented as two halves: Side A features a collection of vocal tracks, consisting of several short songs by Raw Poetic that cover a great variety of subjects. Side B, the instrumental side, features all of the instrumentals.

Stay tuned for more music from Raw Poetic on Redefinition including full length albums produced by Damu The Fudgemunk & K-Def.

My Story

Think Much

District 9

Preacher Man

Watch It Sucka


Rollo Is Back

The Put On

Protest Music (feat. Kaimbr)

Marching Band Kragenoff




Think Much Instrumental

District 9 Instrumental

Preacher Man Instrumental

Super Instrumental

The Put On Instrumental

Protest Music Instrumental

Timet Instrumental

Transfer Instrumental