Track List

Home - feat. Percee P & Prince Po

The Art of Diggin - feat. AG of DITC

The Sun Don’t Chill prelude

I’m a Star

MPC 60 with Brushes

Ray West & Dave Dar - The Sun Don't Chill (7")
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Record Label: Red Apples 45

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Limited to 300. 

Over the past years Dave Dar has come from behind the boards & has been making an imprint as an Artist & an MC. As one half of the Bamboo Bros with his partner Kurious they released American Jibaro in 2011. Dave continued collaborating on projects with the likes of Blu , Kool Keith , AG & many others. As an essential part of the LUVNY Collective & the Red Apples 45 movement his time has come full circle.  

‘The Sun Don’t Chill’ is his first solo effort entirely produced by Ray West & features Prince Po, Percee P and Red Apples’ own AG. Released on 7 inch black vinyl, contains 4 full songs plus 1 interlude.