Red Apples 45

Ray West - Rap Is Art (Cassette)

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"Red Apples 45 presents: Rap is Art by Ray Wes.t A limited Cassette instrumental EP release crafted with the SP12,MPC 2000xl & a Moog little phatty. Rap is Art is an exploration into sample based creation & analog craftsmanship. Packaged in a cassette single style case, Ray West crafts 7 instrumentals & one guest vocal piece by Queens’ own JUNCLASSIC.

Rap is Art pays homage to the great Guru's line.... Rap is an art you cant own no loops .... so take it personal ....."

For us ( dust version )

Rap is Art

Ed O tribute

Infinite wine

Street Novelist feat Junclassic

Not so hard

Lord Quas saved my life

SciFi in E minor