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Lego Igloo

Toy Train

Lil Tiny Tummy

Neon Eyes


Sex Clock

Beneath Me



Bing Bong

Reaganometry & Butcher Bear - R & B (LP)
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Record Label: (iN)Sect Records

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Reaganometry aka Reagan VanMatre and Butcher Bear aka Butch Webster, come to you from deep inside the TEXAS border. Born and raised in Temple and Austin, respectively, they have been pushing the envelope separately and together for the last 12 years. They met while working in the group Attack Formation, and went on to write and release 3 LPs with that group. Since then, they have been creating electronic sound scapes that focus on the ethereal, Reaganometry, and the dark chords filled with fierce drum blasts, Butcher Bear.

Their new split LP, entitled “R&B”, is the first vinyl offering from both of these guys. The music inside this package is night and day between the two of them. Instrumental experimental music with a Bear on one side and an ex-president at the helm who is dreaming in color on the other. Highlights include a cover of another (iN)sect artist, “GFY” written by California Party Girls with Butch flipping the drums from the as-yet- unreleased ‘all-drum’ LP by another Texas man, AADM OUR HATLEY. Reaganometry provides extra keys on side “BB”, while Butcher Bear offers some extra guitar work on the “R” side. This is a mind-bender but a truly solid offering from TEXAS

This marks their first vinyl release together. And it’s on black wax. Photography by Exclamation Marc Artwork by RECSPECT