Track List

What You Wish For (prod. Paul White)

90s Money (prod. Alex Goose)

Inside (prod. Hir-O)

Fly On A Window (feat. Blu) (prod. Oddisee)

Porn & Milk (prod. Exile)

Day Drunk (prod. Red Pill)

Selfish (prod. Black Milk)

Mad World (prod. Paul White)

Probably Not (prod. Illingsworth)

Red Pill - Day Drunk (CD)
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Record Label: Mello Music Group

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Includes three previously unreleased bonus tracks, featuring production from Black Milk, Paul White and Illingsworth.

Detroit’s Red Pill is known for his straight-forward, intellectually broken, Bukowski-like realism. The Day Drunk LP starts on top of a clock-ticking, mind-mesmerizing, introductory track from UK producer Paul White. After a philosopher-king monologue, the Zen Buddhist meditative chant begins – “Don’t work, just party - you’ll be alright. Don’t try so hard. Just live your life.” But Pill never leaves you insightfully dumb, with lines like “I think we need a new religion / wound up, bound up in submission / getting lost in the mission / false definitions/ be causing derision / all these people talkin’ competition / all these people talkin’ is division…” And then the record gets green lit.

You may recognize the next Alex Goose-produced track from Silicon Valley. Red Pill lays hardworking slacker ambition bare in one dumb, drunk, punch over the energetic beat. The song is as ludicrously lavish as Scorsese’s “Wolf Of Wall Street.” The album moves into happy-hour heartstrings unfurling and just keeps going. The Day Drunk LP is a record to wash away the feeling when your cash is gone.

Today, Red Pill is on some “love life” shit.

Bottoms up. Day Drunk begins now.