Def Jam

Redman - Whut? Thee Album (LP - Red Vinyl Reissue)


The last of hip-hop's great party albums, Whut? never had to take itself too seriously and Redman made sure you didn't either. His weed-fueled rhyme-flow sizzled on the album's many P-Funk inspired tracks (courtesy of EPMD's Erick Sermon), and many songs ("Time 4 Sum Aksion," "Rated R"), jumped with an energy that tore the roof off and burned the house down. But more than just churn out bouncy club anthems, Redman showcased a wit ("How to Roll a Blunt") and laid-back flair ("Tonight's the Night") that helped plant his foot as one of hip-hop's most vibrant MCs. --Oliver Wang

Psycho Ward (Skit)

Time 4 Sum Aksion

Da Funk

News Break (Skit)

So Ruff

Rated "R"

Watch Yo Nuggets (featuring Erick Sermon (of EPMD); Charlie Marotta)

Psycho Dub (Skit)

Jam 4 U

Blow Your Mind


Funky Uncles (Skit)

Redman, Meets Reggie Noble

Tonight's Da Night

Blow Your Mind (Remix)

I'm A Bad

Sessed One Night (Skit)

How To Roll A Blunt

Sooper Luver Interview (Skit)

A Day Of Sooperman Lover

Encore (Skit)