New Los Angeles

Repeated Measures - Collapse (LP)


When we (New Los Angeles) asked Repeated Measures, aka Chris Norwood, to make us an album, he set out to create a "sci-fi love story," in his words. "A soulful journey through deep space." During the creation of this album, he was hospitalized twice for a medical anomaly that causes one of his lungs to repeatedly collapse. After several surgeries to find and repair the problem, finishing this album served as both a challenge and motivator. Couple that experience with an attempt to take the listener to the place where stars are born, and you have an album that could only be named one thing. Collapse.

The deluxe edition of Collapse features not only a gorgeous pressing of the album on top-quality virgin vinyl, but also contains a 32-page, full-color booklet of entirely original art that was created specifically for this release. It also features custom buttons and a Collapse sticker. Only the first 100 copies will be deluxe edition, so you definitely shouldn't sleep on this one.

Shady Trail, Half Moon

After Parties

The Sound of the Future-Past


Exploration #3 [Just Us](Feat. Phantom Thrett)

Let's Leave This Place

Our Last Day on Earth (Feat. Remy Kay)

Beyond Our Reach

Desert Bears

Starbase 416 Warp 9

Getting Literally Lifted

Audio Lobotomy Technology

Into the Void

I Don't Think We're Alone in Here

Dynamical Space

Warp Drive

Back On Yavin IV (Feat. Dirty Merlin)

Left Behind