Roc Marciano - Warm Hennessy (EP - Black Vinyl)


Compilation of previously released singles produced by Arch Druids and featuring Dino Brave (of The UN), and Hus Kingpin & of Tha Connection.

Limited to 500 copies, this is also the first time the highly sought after J-Force, Nuance and Bankrupt European remixes are available on vinyl, in both the original and instrumental form.

Warm Hennessy (featuring Hus Kingpin

Do The Honors (featuring Dino Brave & Lost Occupant)

Boss Material (Don't Play Me Close) (featuring Lost Occupant & Rekon)

Strive (featuring Tha Connection) (Richie Malevolence Remix)

Warm Hennessy (featuring Hus Kingpin) (J-Force Remix)

Do The Honors (Bankrupt Europeans Remix)

Warm Hennessy (J-Force Remix Instrumental)

Do The Honors (J-Force Remix)

Do The Honors (J-Force Remix Instrumental)

Warm Hennessy (Nuance Remix)