Track List

Control Your Temper

The Chase

Join Together

Oh Shirley


We’ll Meet

Since You Left Me

Take My Hand


Endless Memory

In Your Arms Dear

The Mighty Ruler

No More

Beware Rudie

Go Your Way

Stand Up

Two Roads Before You

Roy Panton & Yvonne Harrison and Friends - Studio Recordings 1961-1970 (CD)
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Record Label: Liquidator Music

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It was to be expected that, sooner or later, someone would give recognition to these two key artists, Roy Panton and Yvonne Harrison, central to understanding Jamaican music and its evolution. For some time, all over the world, thousands of followers and lovers of these Jamaican rhythms have tried, sometimes with luck and some with dismay, to get some of the recordings presented here today on vinyl, in what is the first compilation dedicated to Roy Panton & Yvonne Harrison.

Roy Panton started his musical career at an early age, and after finishing school, decided to take his passion for music and the stage more seriously. In late 1950, Roy and Stranger Cole auditioned for Duke Reid. They subsequently recorded their first work titled “Freedom Land / Adam & Eve” under the name “The Rovers”, a name that they would not be using again given that, after the recording, each went their separate ways. Unfortunately, the recording never saw the light of day.

Roy recorded some songs with Monty Morris in the studio of C.C. Dood. So, by suggestion of “Sir Coxone”, Roy Panton and Millie Small started singing together and became one of the most prolific duos of the island, leaving behind many recordings under the name “Roy and Millie”. Some of these you can find on this LP. Unfortunately, after Millie’s departure to England under the management of Chris Blackwell, Roy found himself without a partner. However, this should not be for long.

In the autumn of 1962, discovered by TIP TOP Label’s Lynden Pottinger, Yvonne and Roy met for the first time at the West Indies Studios (WIRL) of Edward Seaga and recorded their first ever single, “Two Roads” with the B-side “Join together”. The magnificent performance of both, and perfect compatibility of their voices “joint together” Roy and Yvonne in what would be one of the most requested duets in the country.