Track List

Surely I Love You

My Baby

Ohh La La

My Jealous Eyes


You Brought Me Back to Life

I’m In Love With A Girl

Moving On

You Say No

I Dig You Baby

Roy & Yvonne - Moving On (CD)
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Record Label: Liquidator Music

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Two summers ago, Roy and Yvonne got together on a stage again after 45 years dedicated to their personal lives away from their artistic careers. Promoter and producer Mark Morales and Wally Caro, from Los Angeles, were responsible for bringing Roy and Yvonne back to where they belong, the stage, at an intimate and emotional concert enjoyed by about a hundred people. During the following months and until today, Roy and Yvonne continued what destiny had written out for them since the day they were born: continue their musical legacy worldwide. Roy and Yvonne have consolidated themselves as generational musicians, able to adapt to changing times without forgetting the roots or their music. They continue to please their audiences here and there, often more committed and respectful than their fellow islanders. No one is a prophet in his own land.

Speaking of the album, ‘Moving On’ invites us to dive deep into the great sounds of Ska and Rocksteady music. For this occasion, Roy and Yvonne worked with some fabulous studio musicians under the direction of Teddy Garcia in Washington DC. Mixed by the renowned producer Mike Mariconda, you can enjoy eight covers and two original songs on this album that the artists have carefully selected for your listening pleasure. The songs stand out for their intriguing composition and arrangements adapted to Jamaican rhythms. Our time travel commences with the first sounds in the album. The opener shuffle ‘Surely I Love You’ is followed by ‘My Baby’ and ‘Ooh La La’. ‘My Jealous Eyes’ gives way to the lovely rocksteady ‘Someday’. ‘You Brought Me Back To Life’ is another great Rocksteady track sung by Yvonne Harrison. The two original songs ‘Moving On’ and ‘You Say No’ deserve a special mention, with the former being the name giver to the album. After this journey through different grooves, Mr. Panton waves goodbye with the fearless reggae rhythm ‘I Dig You Baby’, he did not have much opportunity to highlight this style in his career, but it shows once again the courage, passion and dedication with which he continues to exceed his fans’ expectations with new and danceable rhythms.  

‘Moving On’ is a talisman that will surely bring more and new success to Roy and Yvonne. You hold in your hands the first studio album recorded by the duo throughout their career. And from this day, it has already become a classic and a collector’s item.