Rubberoom - Gothic Architecture (2xLP - Blue Vinyl)

Strongly limited edition of 300 copies on colored 2LP vinyl. We are pleased to present the very first full vinyl release of Rubberoom's 1995 "Gothic Architecture". This is a true underground gem from the mid-90's Chicago scene originally released on cassette by Elastic Recordings (EL3701). Avantgarde rap in its early stages, reminds of Fondle ‘Em and Def Jux releases. Includes early works by the likes of The Isle Of Weight and Mr. Echoes (also known as The Opus). Contains fully new crafted artwork by so talented Boggie Cramb. Tip!


Synapse Gap

High Noon

Beneath The Surface / Loft Music

Body Snatch’n (On The Isle)



Stacks Of 45’s

The Pit Feat. Gravity & Dirty M.F.


High Noon (Instrumental)

Body Snatch’n (On The Isle) (Instrumental)

Buckwild (Instrumental)