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Rustie - Glass Swords (2xLP + DL Card)

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Glaswegian producer Rustie brings his vibrant debut album ‘Glass Swords’ to us. With his immensely anticipated, two-years-in-the- making full length debut, Rustie ushers in an otherworldly landscape. Both epic and alien (as the artwork suggests), the rushing neon strains of bright melody and earthquake drums hit you after a brief intro of beguiling synths and guitar meditations.

Building colossal tension and release throughout, from club favourite ‘Ultra Thizz’ to the soaring hooks and basement low end of ‘Death Mountain’ and ‘Cry Flames’, this record may well leave permanent marks on your stereo.

A panorama of bass music, prog rock, R’n’B and classic rave, the album is out on CD and limited edition double gatefold vinyl.

Glass Swords

Flash Back


Hover Traps

City Star


Ultra Thizz

Death Mountain

Cry Flames

After Light

Ice Tunnels

All Nite

Crystal Echo