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i don't know anyone, i am

stones pull out heart

i don't want to ask your father or anything

melanchole / diary pt. 1 (demo)

i was all over her

like you know i get old

post-traumatic all-night-long

voice vi



needs no progress, i will lie


te aroha

salvia palth - melanchole: remaster (LP)
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Record Label: Danger Collective

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melanchole is a collection of ambitious lo-fi pop songs recorded by daniel johann in the winter of 2012. these are songs that deal with the awkwardness of growing up, the pains of being apart, and the anxieties of being alive and real.


originally released in 2016, this revised version of melanchole is now back in press on both cassette and vinyl thanks to danger collective records! these guys work hard and reliably! it's insane!

diary pt. 1 is a song i wrote slightly after i released melanchole

voice vi is a song from the salvia palth "album" voices

te aroha is a reinterpretation of a maori folk song that i recorded last year