Track List

Black Dots

The Spiral Spins

High Rise

Tunnel Visions (Station The Spectacle)

Circle Bend

Sound On Sound

Soft Focus

Vacant City


Mark The Spot

Measure Of Decline

Samara Lubelski - Flickers At The Station (LP + Download Card)
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Record Label: Drawing Room Records

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There are experimental musicians that know how to well craft the best of pop music, and there are pop musicians that know how to experiment at upper echelons of instinct. Samara Lubelski is both of these musicians in one. It may be a bold statement, but yes, it is true, every word. Her breadth of experience in both of the otherworldly sides of these spheres grants her an enlightened gift in song writing. It is elegant and transporting, and it coalesces in that golden new age of purple and orange psychic pop music that ducks its head into the present realm from time to time. "Flickers at the Station" is an album that showcases Lubelski at a creative apex. Beautiful and breathtaking, it is a forever keeper of a baroque pop record. Its late evening music. Its early morning revelation music. Its a glorious day unto itself. The pure connection between Lubelskis outré improv and instrumentation and her poppsychic songwriting is in complete harmony.