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Beneath The Tree


Hesitant Oath


Can't Get Close

Sampha - Dual (EP)
Free Gift

Record Label: Young Turks

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Following the low-key online-only release of Sundanza in 2010 plus his noted collaborative work with Jessie Ware, Lil Silva, SBTRKT, and Koreless, Dual is Sampha's first full solo outing. The record was put together over a period of 18 months in the gaps between, and time after, an intense touring schedule with SBTRKT live. Working from his childhood home in Morden, the tracks were written, produced and mixed by himself in isolation. Offering an intimate and idiosyncratic glimpse into his artistic intent, the EP, which includes "Indecision," showcases Sampha's talents not only as a vocalist but more broadly as a songwriter and producer.