Track List

Mr. Scarface

The Pimp

Born Killer

Murder By Reason Of Insanity

Your Ass Got Took

Diary Of A Madman

Body Snatchers

Money And The Power

P D Roll 'Em

Good Girl Gone Bad

A Minute To Pray And A Second To Die

I'm Dead

Scarface - Mr. Scarface Is Back (LP)
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Record Label: Rap-A-Lot Records

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The Geto Boys' classic single, "Mind Playing Tricks on Me," was all over MTV and the airwaves when Scarface released his first solo album in the fall of 1991, billed as Scarface of the Geto Boys. Although it didn't see anything close to the crossover success that his group's albums had achieved, MR. SCARFACE IS BACK nevertheless was hugely popular in the south, especially in his native Houston, and garnered respect throughout the national hip-hop community. It proved without a doubt who was the most talented of the Geto Boys; his frank depictions of crime, drugs, and street life, delivered with an effortless flow, easily held their own against the L.A. gangstas of the time. In fact, Scarface sounds not unlike a young Ice Cube, especially when he furthers the story of "Tricks on Me"'s paranoid pessimist in "Diary of a Madman." In its own homegrown way, MR. SCARFACE IS BACK is as essential as any classic of the gangsta era.