Track List

Fight for Us

Not Gonna Make It

Devil Inside

No Honey

Been So True

Hearts In Danger

Loosen Up

Dub Of

Brother Forest

Hurts So Bad

Ask Me

Sepalcure - Folding Time (2xLP)
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Record Label: Hotflush Recordings

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Hotflush Recordings is delighted to announce the arrival of a second full length from Sepalcure, the American duo made up of Travis “Machinedrum” Stewart and Praveen “Braille” Sharma. Arriving four and a half years since their acclaimed debut, 11 track album ‘Folding Time’ is a singular and tender statement.

This special coming together of distinctive musical minds produced a much-loved, self-titled debut LP in 2011, plus six EPs between 2010 and 2013, all of which suggested a penchant for broken beats and bright melodics. Both have since furthered their accomplished solo careers - Braille released his debut solo album Mute Swan, while Machinedrum’s experimental exploration of Vapor City landed on Ninja Tune - that have kept them busy in the studio as well as on the road. As such, and owing to their insistence that any production work had to be done in person "since that results in a certain sound and experience you just can’t recreate remotely”, the new record took some time to come together. With plenty of well paced peaks and troughs along the way, as well as a underlying sense of humour and a very real human warmth, this is an album that works on both head and heel in equal measure.