Skull Disco

Shackleton ‎– Soundboy's Nuts Get Ground Up Proper E.P. (12")


"Shackleton ups his game once again with this excellent and idiosyncratic dubstep production. 'Blood on my hands' is a long almost ambient track with a heavy weight confession from a slowed down voice, over a big out of tune bass line and lots of deep tropical sounding precussion. Naked will sound magnificent over a big system, wth a dive bombing bass line and extreme layered delayed voices forming a vortex over the top. Hypno Angel is something else entirely, doing what it says on the label, with female Bollywood vocals drifting in and out of the mix, and a massive hypnotic bass and dense drum arrangement. Skull disco's best release yet and one that manages to sidestep cliches with ease." - Bleep

Blood On My Hands


Hypno Angel