Stones Throw

Silk Rhodes - Pains/Face2Face (7")


“Sounds like: . . . soul music gone minimalist: All the superfluous bits stripped away and the grooves placed front and center. . . precise homages to soul’s early-Seventies glory days.” –Rolling Stone

“The Bad Boys of R&B, bound to give boners.” –Mac DeMarco

Hailing from Baltimore, the duo consists of vocalist Sasha Desree and producer Michael Collins. Together, they create minimal Soul and R&B stripped to its very core. Their debut 7” is out today. Listen to the single “Pains” Here. Housed in jacket made from a folded acid blotter sheet, the single features “Pains” and the b-side "Face 2 Face", which featuredin the Stones Throw documentary, Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton.