Track List

Judas is the Feds (Judas Betrays Slug Christ)

You With Them (prod. Slugger)

Fuck This Money (prod. Ethereal)

They Ask Me (prod. KCSB)

I'm The Ocean (prod. Slugger)

Hokay Hokay Hokay (prod. Dexter Dukarus)

Save Me (feat. Father) (prod. Slugger)

Wanderer (feat. RichPoSlim) (prod. Jesus)

Crucifixion Day (prod. Lucifer)

Criminal (feat. Lord Narf & Pyramid Quince) (prod. Slugger)

RoleyRoley (prod. Slugger)

She Loves You But... (feat. Stalin Majesty) (prod. Slugger)

Holy Descent to Hell (feat. GAHM) (prod. GAHM)

Die Before the End (prod. Slugger)

Slug Christ - The Crucifixion Of Rapper Extraordinare, Slug Christ (2xLP)
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Record Label: Biophon Records

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Slug Christ is a rapper-producer based in Atlanta, Georgia.

My style is very 808 heavy. I'm very trap influenced, I´d like to consider myself doing the next version of trap music, more abstract.

Trap music boasts itself as some of today's most tightly sequenced hip-hop music, but Slug Christ's loose, drug-induced delivery has helped him establish his own style within the genre. If you miss the rawness that rap feels like it's missing these days, then look no further than Slug Christ.

Features appearances from Father, RichPoSlim, Lord Narf, Pyramid Quince, Stalin Majesty, and GAHM and production by Slug Christ, Ethereal, KCSB, Dexter Dukarus, Jesus, Lucifer, and GAHM.