Biophon Records

Slug Christ - The Crucifixion Of Rapper Extraordinare, Slug Christ (2xLP)


Judas is the Feds (Judas Betrays Slug Christ)

You With Them (prod. Slugger)

Fuck This Money (prod. Ethereal)

They Ask Me (prod. KCSB)

I'm The Ocean (prod. Slugger)

Hokay Hokay Hokay (prod. Dexter Dukarus)

Save Me (feat. Father) (prod. Slugger)

Wanderer (feat. RichPoSlim) (prod. Jesus)

Crucifixion Day (prod. Lucifer)

Criminal (feat. Lord Narf & Pyramid Quince) (prod. Slugger)

RoleyRoley (prod. Slugger)

She Loves You But... (feat. Stalin Majesty) (prod. Slugger)

Holy Descent to Hell (feat. GAHM) (prod. GAHM)

Die Before the End (prod. Slugger)