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Soia - H.I.O.P. (CD)


H.I.O.P. is Soia’s second album after the highly successful Mood Swings.

Made in Taiwan and brought to Vienna, Austria (her parents’ origin) the culture clash incepted an affinity for a wide range of music. Growing up listening to classical music and African jazz, Billie Holiday’s sadness and beloved fusion jazz gave birth to her musical approach, while abstract hip hop damaged the rest. Her sound varies from jazzy improvisation to Nu Soul, creating her own unique style through her code-lacking manners. She has spent a lot of time traveling Asia, the States and Southern Africa. While working on her Master thesis in Biotechnology she met the producer Mez. This project will reflect on Soia’s own mood swings, from melancholic soul, stream of consciousness turned song, to feel good tunes - always going beyond the surface.

Hidden In Obvious Places

A Porcupine’s Agenda (ft. Raashan Ahmad)


1,000 Layers

Roaming Deer

Ignite, Despite

Tropical Jinx

See Me Hollow

Intangible / tiger

Hello Again (Bonus)