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Solomon Citron - Kampu-China: Sountrack (LP)


Solomon Citron's debut, a non-existing, cinematic movie soundtrack called; "Kampu-China".

Solomon Citron was born in Rostov-on-Don in the south of Russia. He's a professional musician and a talented multi-instrumentalist.

Paying homage to his childhood memories of 70s action movies, he decided to create a soundtrack for "Kampu-China" - a fabricated, fictional movie. Solomon composed the soundtrack in just two weeks, using only his imagination and the make-believe storyline as his inspiration. 

The film is set on an imaginary world, where the mythical country Kampu-China lies. Shootout scenes, kung-fu fighting, crime pursuits, betrayal and revenge make this movie a classical action movie of the 1970s.

The soundtrack was composed using 3 instruments; guitar, bass and drums which has captured the sound and atmosphere of that era of movies.

Intro (The Land of Violence)

Kampu China Theme

The Loss Blues

Melancholy Theme


Revenge Scene